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Vintage Plastic Sweet Jars 12 Jars for Do it yourself Candy Table, Sweet Table, Sweet Buffet

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12 Jar Plastic Victorian Style Sweet Jars for Do-It-Yourself Candy Buffet.

Ideal for Wedding, Party, Christening, Engagement, Anniversary, Birthday

This item comprises of the following:

12 EMPTY jars of varying sizes and shapes to compliment each other.

Their sizes, including lids, are as follows:

2 x 3.2 Litre Spherical Jars - 10"Tall (hold around 1200-1400g of sweets)
2 x 2 Litre Round Victorian Jars - 11"Tall (hold around 800-1000g of sweets)
2 x 1 Litre Victorian Style Tall - 9"Tall (hold around 600-800g of sweets)
2 x 1 Litre Square Jar - 8" Tall (hold around 600-800g of sweets)
2 x 650ml Spherical Jars - 6" Tall (hold around 400g-600g of sweets)
2 x 450ml Spiral Jar - 7" Tall (hold around 400-550g of sweets)

Please note that this is for the EMPTY JARS ONLY - any sweets in the pictures are for illustration purposes only.

We also sell different size kits and all jars individually - please see our other listings.

Truly Sweet Candy are a fully registered, fully insured and Environmental Health inspected business. We have been awarded a Food Hygiene rating of 5. Be assured that you are buying from a reputable company.

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