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14 Plastic Sweet Jars, 7 styles, 2 tongs, 50 bags for Truly Sweet Candy Buffet

Truly Sweet Candy
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14 Plastic Retro Sweet Shop Style Jars with 2 tongs and 50 bags for Do-It-Yourself Candy Buffet/Sweet Table. Simply add sweets!

Ideal for a family gathering or children's party, garden party, celebration etc. This item comprises of the following:

  • 14 EMPTY jars of 7 different shapes and sizes with Victorian style bobble lids to complement each other and give that real nostalgic sweet shop look. These jars are from our MEDIUM AND SMALL range - If you require larger jars, please see our other listings.

Their sizes, including lids, are as follows:

  • 2 x 970ml Tall Jar - 23cm tall (holds around 600-800g of sweets)
  • 2 x 995ml Square Jar - 20cm tall (holds around 600-800g of sweets)
  • 2 x 650ml Spherical Jars - 15.5cm tall (holds around 400g-600g of sweets)
  • 2 x 580ml Dodecagon Jar – 19cm tall (holds around 450-550g of sweets)
  • 2 x 500ml Victorian Jar - 17cm tall (holds around 475-575g of sweets)
  • 2 x 450ml Spiral Jar - 17cm tall (hold around 400-550g of sweets)
  • 2 x 450ml Square Jar - 14cm tall (holds around 350 - 500g of sweets)
  • 2 x Metal sweet tongs
  • 50 x Candy stripe bags size 5" x 7"

Please note that this is for the EMPTY JARS ONLY - any sweets in the pictures are for illustration purposes only.